Ashley Gutierrez is the Founder and Creative Director of Cliff Co., an Impact Storytelling Agency. She uses visual storytelling to generate awareness around complex international issues and is driven by a deep pursuit to use media to explore the commonalities that connect people across cultures. She is a lover of people and story. With a Graduate Certificate in Mental Health Recovery and Trauma-Informed Care, she specializes in connecting stories and issues to the people and motivations behind them. Multicultural awareness, sensitivity and mindfulness are cornerstones of her work. 

Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, her love of story has taken her around the world. She has a degree in Broadcast Journalism and a resume checkered with everything from creating on-air promotional pieces at VH1 to developing news packages for local media outfits to filming grassroots documentaries throughout east and central Africa. On staff for over six years with the media-based non-profit organization Invisible Children, she created documentaries and short films, started an art department in Gulu, Uganda, and acted as the lead editor and videographer.

Although San Diego is her home base, she is usually globetrotting. Read: travel is welcomed and encouraged.

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